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Scopri perchè affiliarti alla Federazione Svizzera Sport Cinofili è una saggia decisione:

  • Being Internationally Recognised
    The purpose of our federation is not limited to the organisation of dog sports in Switzerland but also supports events and training in the international dog sports arena, recognising your professionalism and qualifications. Our qualifications are automatically recognised by the Italian Dog Sports Federation and the International Federation of Cynecological Sports.
  • Host and attend the Swiss and International Championships
    As a Recognised Dog Sports Club of the Swiss Dog Sports Federation (SDSF) you can join the championships organised by the SDSF and be part of this championship network yourself with your own Dog Club. You will be able to organise local but also fully supported international events. Our Federation is an exclusive participant in the World Agility Championship representing Switzerland.
  • Ensuring quality for your Clients/Associates
    Your customers and members will be assured of being supported by Certified Dog Instructors and Sports Trainers of the highest standard. You will be recognised and be part of an organisation that encourages the highest standards in dog training. With your title of SDSF Instructor you are guaranteeing your participants that you are not in an ordinary Dog Centre!
  • Being part of a common Project
    Being part of a common Project means benefiting from all media channels, advertising, marketing activities and Events organised and managed by the Federation. Being part of it will be a guarantee of quality but above all it will guarantee you unique visibility.
  • Super advantageous memberships
    Joining your club is very cheap and you benefit from our sponsorship programme. What this means: Membership is priced at CHF 100 per year and with this you will be entitled to: Free equivalence of the current qualifications of the instructors/trainers working in your Club; Enrolment in the Federation Register of the CeLubs and Instructors/Trainers; Plaque of SDSF Affiliated Club to be displayed Personalised 300x100 PVC banner Digital advertising on Facebook and Instagram Hosting of Courses, Competitions and Events (you will be paid to host them!) Free promotion of your Training and Events Benefits and Discounts from our Sponsors and Partners Work Booklets for the Centre's Dogs Discounts from 10% on Equipment and Apparel in our Shop
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