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Agility Dog


Agility Dog consists of a course with obstacles (min.15 max.22), inspired by Horse Jumping, where the dog has to tackle them in a prescribed order.

The aim is not to receive any penalties in covering the course in the shortest possible time.


The skill of the handler is to support his dog, communicating with him and giving him the appropriate directions throughout the course.


Agility Dog in the Swiss Dog Sports Federation is a discipline open to all dogs, regardless of size and breed, in which the various obstacles are tackled with the aim of highlighting the animal's pleasure and agility in working with its handler.


Agility Dog is a sport discipline that encourages the dog's good integration into society.


This discipline requires good balance between the dog and its handler.


It requires a deep understanding of the pair and great pleasure in collaborating, which is the representation of the basic elements of education and obedience.

Head of Department: Alper Zürrer

Team Leader: Alper Zürrer

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