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SDSF Dog Instructor

Who is the SDSF Dog Instructor

The SDSF Dog Instructor has the task of working on those problematic situations that no longer belong to the developmental area but require a proper behavioural intervention.
The behavioural problems of post-evolutionary subjects cannot be dealt with by SDSF Dog Trainers through developmental activities, but with a different kind of intervention put into practice by
SDSF Dog Instructors.

Even in behavioural problems it is essential to start from the relationship because, apart from a few specific situations, it is always in the relationship that those problematic situations that are all too often wrongly blamed on the dog come about..


The SDSF Dog Instructor also has a specialisation in sport among those promoted by the Federation.


The SDSF Dog Instructor has three levels of competence.

SDSF Dog Instructor Competences


During the training course, the SDSF Dog Instructor develops a specific theoretical framework analysing the principles of cognitive-zoo-anthropological psychotherapy, based on purely expressive-behavioural activities, allowing concrete tools to be available to work on difficult situations.

Laboratory activities, case presentations and internships in kennels are also planned to approach problem situations, thanks to the intervention of highly qualified and experienced lecturers.

The SDSF Dog Instructor training course

Telefono: +39 788 35 11 30  


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