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Trainer SDSF

Who is the SDSF Dog Trainer

The SDSF Dog Trainer works with subjects of developmental age to foster the growth of an adaptive personality capable of finding gratification in its social and relational integration. The task of the SDSF Dog Trainer is to provide individual advice to the owner, who, not having a culture linked to ethology, easily tends to attribute to his dog human behaviour or human charachters that result in inappropriate behaviour that is detrimental to wellbeing and coexistence. The SDSF Dog Trainer is the first behaviourist aid that assists the owner in setting up the relationship with the dog correctly in the daily routine, such as eating, walking or playing.

International Recognition

The Swiss Dog Sports Federation is an Associate Member of the International Federation of Cynological Sports (IFCS)

It has an exclusive agreement with the Italian Dog Sport Federation for which a dual diploma will be issued.

SDSF Dog Trainer Competences

The SDSF Dog Trainer develops the following skills:

  • Counselling for the best possible integration of the dog into the family;

  • Education of the puppy to strengthen its character;

  • Enhancement of individual and pedigree qualities;

  • Developmental age traits and puppy care;

  • Enhancing the dog's social skills;

  • Psycho-motor and athletic training of the dog to improve its well-being;

  • Building up basic skills to facilitate the integration of the dog into society;

  • Effective communication and dog-reading skills;

  • Handling education and learning the signs of ordinary handling;

  • Cognitive enhancement and cognitive flexibility of the dog;

  • Ability to set up play activities in different situations;

  • Skills in engaging the dog and its involvement in different activities;

  • Re-education of the adolescent and pre-adolescent dog;

  • Social positioning of the dog within the family.

Job opportunities for the SDSF Dog Trainer

The SDSF Dog Trainer can use his/her Diploma in the professional sector by providing:

  • Family counselling and implementation of educational projects for puppies;

  • Conducting Puppy Classes and socialisation classes;

  • Counselling within kennels in adoption and preparation activities;

  • Behavioural first aid services for veterinarians;

  • Advisory services to breeders to foster correct behavioural development;

  • Advisory services to clients purchasing puppies;

  • Advisory services to breeders and pet associations;

  • Dog sitting services.

The SDSF Dog Trainer training course

Assistant Dog Trainer

Admission Requirements:

  • Owning a dog

  • Good human-dog relationship

Course length:

  • 64 hours consisting of 32 hours online and 32 hours onsite

    Cost CHF 580


  • Working in a Dog Club

  • Assisting a Trainer

  • Registration on the Professional Register

  • Admission to the Trainers' Course

Dog Trainer

Admission Requirements:

  • Certified as an Assistant Dog Trainer

  • Min 10 hours of Assistance with an Trainer

Course length:

  • 128 hours consisting of 64 hours online and 64 hours onsite

    Cost CHF 1.290


  • Working in a Dog Club

  • Work as a Dog Trainer

  • Registration on the Professional Register

  • Access the Instructor Course  

Once the training course has been completed and the diploma awarded, the Federation will actively support the dog trainer in finding and managing his or her own dog club, both in Switzerland and abroad.

The Federation has as its statutory aim the assistance and promotion of all its Member Clubs and the Dog Trainer will have the constant certainty of having a team of professionals at his service and support.

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