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Disability Expert SDSF

Who is the SDSF Disability Expert Dog Handler

The SDSF Disability Expert Dog Handler has the task of supporting and promoting dog sports for the differently abled, always following sporting guidelines.

Course Aims

The aim of the courses is to provide:

  • Knowledge to be able to safely carry out dog sports for the disabled and information on related issues (legal, insurance, technical regulations);

  • Practice in dog handling;

  • Professional skills in the dog-keeping sector and specifically in dog-keeping for the differently-abled;

  • Elements of human and veterinary first aid;

  • Introduction to the activity for the differently-abled.

  • The Operator in cynophilia for the Differently Abled cannot carry out therapeutic and rehabilitation activities.


The Operator in cynophilia for the Differently Abled cannot carry out therapeutic and rehabilitation activities.

Competences of the SDSF Disability Expert Dog Handler

The expert acts as an exclusive support for the promotion of dog sports for the differently-abled:


  • He trains the dog, manages a correct approach and is involved in the event of challenges experienced by the dog during the sporting activity.

  • He/she manages the activities assigned to him/her always with full respect of the dog.

The training route

Admission Requirements:

  • Qualification as Assistant Dog Trainer


Length Course::

  • 3 Days for a total of 24 hours

  • Cost CHF 350


  • Working in a Dog Club

  • Structuring activities

  • Working as a Dog Handler

  • Being enrolled in the Register

Course structure

DAY 1 (8 hours)

  • Developing dog games

  • Preparing students with disabilities in dog sports

  • Approaching the dog during training sessions


DAY 2 (8 hours)


  • Organising events specifically designed for the integration of students

  • Safety in the training environment

  • Specific preparation of the dog.


DAY 3 (8 hours


  • Choosing and training the dog

  • Planning of work and activity development

  • Special precautions regarding certain pathologies


Those who hold the qualification of:


  • Freya PET-Therapy Operator

  • Dog Handler, obtained according to the guidelines of the Italian Ministry of Health;

  • CIDA FISC Operator

  • PET Therapy Operator of Third Party Associations

will be able to obtain, on a temporary basis, the qualification of Disability Expert Dog Handler SDSF upon sending the qualification held and a CV certifying the performance of dog sports activities with the differently abled (excluding therapeutic activities).

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