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Paragility Dog combines motor activity for disabled people with the more traditional agility dog, a dog sport in which the dog, lead by the handler, has to master an obstacle course in the shortest possible time.

The special nature of the Paragility Dog is that the dog is led by a person with some kind of physical, motor or even mental disability.

The tracks are tailored to the needs of the disabled person: if they are able to run or move quickly, perhaps even with the aid of an electric wheelchair, their time at the end of the race is measured, whereas if they are unable to move quickly, the time taken to complete the track will not be accounted for when determining the final score.

Paragility Dog is therefore a sport in its own right and a real competition with a ranking and a winning dog-handler pair.


Paragility Dog, like Pet Therapy, brings a whole range of benefits to those who are practising it, but with some additional elements:

contributes to creating an even deeper and more intuitive relationship between the handler and the dog who, during the competition, must act as one, almost in symbiosis;

stimulates physical activity, helping to improve the coordination of movements, it allows to spend time in the fresh air, to socialise, to practise a fun activity that is psychologically satisfying, and therefore helps to increase self-esteem, also thanks to the fact that it encourages participants to work hard to achieve a good ranking.


In essence, it contributes to enhancing the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Dogs of all breeds, appropriately trained, and disabled people of all ages can participate in Paragility Dog competitions.

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PET Counselling

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