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Register of Dog Professionals

Because being registered in the SDSF Dog Professionals Register has a unique value for your profession.

Being registered in the Register of Dog Professionals of the Swiss Dog Sports Federation (SDSF) offers numerous advantages, enriched by the validity of the title at European level according to current legislation. Here are the main benefits:

  1. Official and valid recognition in Europe Being part of the register means obtaining official and professional recognition valid throughout Europe , due to the classification according to Article 57 of the TFEU and articles 56-62 of the TCEE.

  2. Access to Training and Resources Members have access to refresher courses, seminars and workshops organized by the SDSF and held by the world's best experts , in areas such as pedagogy, canine behavior, training techniques, health and nutrition, legislation and ethics, breeds and genetics , dog development and sports coaching.

  3. Networking and Collaborations Being part of a network of professionals offers the opportunity to establish contacts and collaborations , leading to new job opportunities and exchanges of knowledge.

  4. Promotion and Visibility SDSF actively promotes registered professionals through various channels, increasing visibility and attracting new clients . Promotion takes place not only in the social media and internet sphere but by collaborating with institutional, training and sector bodies to define the standards of quality and professionalism in the service.

  5. Support and Advice Members have access to support and advice from the SDSF on legal, technical and operational matters.

  6. Participation in Events Members can participate in exclusive events organized by the SDSF, offering visibility and learning opportunities.

  7. Credibility and Reliability Being Member in the Register is a sign of quality and reliability , increasing the reputation and trust of customers.

In conclusion, registration in the register of the Swiss Dog Sports Federation represents a fundamental step for anyone who wants to stand out in the dog sector, certify their skills and enjoy numerous professional advantages.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this prestigious community! For further details, visit the Academy page.



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