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Rally obedience (also known as Rally or Rally-O) is an obedience-based dog sport.

It was originally devised by american Charles L. 'Bud' Kramer from the practice of obedience 'doodling', i.e. performing a series of fun warm-up and freestyle exercises.

The doodling exercises were usually parts of obedience tests that taught different skills, improving performance and accuracy during the exercises.

Unlike normal obedience, instead of waiting for the judge's orders, competitors proceeded along a course of designated posts with the 'dog in lead' and at a normal pace.

The track includes 10-20 signs instructing the team on what to do.

Differently from traditional obedience, handlers can encourage their dogs during the course.

Rally obedience is a sporting discipline suitable for all dogs and handlers.

The Rally-O encouraged in our competitions and judging criteria encourages positive reinforcement and prohibits the use of physical or verbal corrections.

The cooperation of the dog-handler pair on the Rally-O track is more important than precision in performing the various exercises.

Our goal, both for the dog and its handler, is that the time spent in the competition ring is enjoyable.

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Rally Obedience (Rally-O)


Scopri la Rally Obedience

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