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USAR - Detection

The Bedbugs Detection workshop, led by expert Ilkka Hormila, is an outstanding opportunity for all dog lovers and professionals.


During the two-day workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn advanced techniques for training dogs in the search and detection of bedbugs.


Ilkka will guide you through practical and lectures sessions, providing valuable tools and knowledge to improve the detection skills of our four-legged friends.

Who is Ilkka Hormila


Ilkka Hormila is Worldwide Specialist of Scent Detection Training.

He has an experience of 50 years with the Police K9.

During his career Hormila worked at The K9 Scent Detection Unit teaching the ID- detection and Explosive, Arson and Cadaver detection.


He has also served in operational duties with his Police Dogs.

Hormila is internationally respected lecturer and trainer all over Europe, in Baltic Countries, in USA and in Asia as in India, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

He has been member of The SWGDOG (Scientific Working Dog Group on Dog and Orthogonal Detector Guidelines) in USA for seven years.


Hormila has worked in co-operation with the Search & Rescue dog handlers for decades and has been teaching ID- and SAR-search and Nose Work for common dog owners

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this unique and educative workshop!

Career opportunities

The career opportunities for a bedbug detection dog expert are many and expanding, given the growing need for pest control services.

Here are some of the main career fields:

  1. Pest control companies: Many pest control companies hire experts and their dogs to precisely locate infested areas and optimise the effectiveness of interventions.

  2. Hotels and accommodation: Hotels, bed and breakfasts and other hospitality facilities can engage the services of an expert for regular checks to prevent infestations that could damage their reputation.

  3. Landlords and estate agents: Landlords and estate agents may require pre- or post-intervention inspections to ensure that their properties are free of bedbugs, especially before renting or selling.

  4. Hospitals and health care facilities: Healthcare facilities require sterile and pest-free environments; therefore, the use of dogs trained to detect bedbugs may be essential to maintain these standards.

  5. Consulting and training services: Experts can offer consultancy services to companies and individuals, as well as organise training courses for new trainers and for the staff of accommodation and healthcare facilities.

  6. Collaborations with public authorities: In some communities, public authorities may employ experts to monitor and manage infestations in public places, such as schools, government offices and public transport.

These career opportunities offer a variety of options for industry experts, with demand steadily increasing due to an awareness of sanitation and pest prevention.

USAR SDSF with Logo.png

The course will be held on

16 & 17 of November

from 09am to 6pm

at the:

Federal Center SDSF

Ai Guastísc 18a

6558 Lostallo


The course will be conducted in English with simultaneous translators in Italian

Day 1

  • The goal

  • TPDA method in dog training

  • The four stages of learning/training process

  • How molecules behave / dispersion of odorants

  • How to handle training material

  • Canine olfaction

  • How dogs learn and their memory works

  • Stress in dogs

  • Generalization

  • How to motivate dog to search

  • Alert behave

  • Reinforce, reinforcement, rewarding

  • How to train a detection dog from initial to mission ready

  • Reliability of dogs and certifications/evaluations

Day 2

  • Practice exercises;

  • Intervention evaluation;

  • Exams (only Teams Course Detection K9-2023)

The Workshop includes two different attendance methods:

Professional - CHF 450 (participation with dog)

Dog Trainers or Instructors with qualifications issued by the SDSF or another recognised body will be eligible.

On completion, an SDSF K9-USAR Diploma will be issued for field operations. Maximum 10 places available.

Hearing - CHF 200 (participation without dog)

Members and Athletes of the SDSF will be allowed to attend.

At the end, an SDSF Certificate of Participation will be issued. Maximum 20 places available.

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